No cold packs required

Dr John Smith at the Mawson station sign post
Dr John Smith at the Mawson station sign post (Photo: Unknown)

What is it like living and working in Antarctica as a doctor? I asked myself this question about a year ago, while looking at an advertisement in a medical magazine during a lunch break in the surgery. I have now been at Mawson Station for the past four months finding out first hand what it is really like and learning more every day. I can gladly report that to date there have been no significant medical emergencies to deal with, and as now there are only twenty of us left to winter over here for the next eight months it should remain quiet on the medical front.

I probably see myself as a fellow expeditioner, itinerant labourer, photographer, and of course, finally a doctor if needed. The station is extremely well equipped medically and complemented with a group of very willing anaesthetic and theatre assistants if required, namely the chef, plumber, carpenter, biologist and the meteorologist.

After being called urgently to see a young man who had stumbled and sprained his ankle badly, I was asked if he would benefit from a cold pack immediately, to which I replied 'no', while removing his shoe and sock in –5 degrees! I am still not sure if it was 16 years of country general practice or two months in Antarctica that made me resist the ice pack first aid measure.

If my wife allowed it, I would certainly love to return to this continent, which is probably one of the most unique and isolated environments on earth; it certainly is a privilege. A good friend and colleague of mine was continually asked why he wanted to go to Antarctica and he answered quietly, that if they had to ask why, then it was unlikely the answer would be understood.

Australia maintains stations at Casey, Davis, Mawson and Macquarie Island.

The only drawback to this adventure will be returning to routine medical work back home; certainly country locums look the most attractive so far.

Dr John Smith, Mawson expedition medical officer, 2003

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