Jobs supporting Australia’s Antarctic program

Expedition mechanic working outside on large vehicle

Jobs in Australia

There are many jobs in Australia supporting Australia’s Antarctic program. The Antarctic Division’s objective is to support the Antarctic Treaty System, which governs Antarctica, and enhance our standing in it. To do this we need to have a crew of staff who are committed to sound environmental practices, robust policies, a strong voice in international forums and a well-informed community.

Current vacancies

Jobs in Antarctica

Australia’s Antarctic program is science-driven, but science in Antarctica is not possible without people who recruit and train expeditioners, provision the stations, co-ordinate the shipping and air transport, and provide the infrastructure that allows people to live and work on the world’s coldest, driest, windiest and highest continent.

Current vacancies

The Australian Antarctic Division is now accepting applications for job opportunities supporting the 2015-16 Australian Antarctic Program. You can go online now and lodge your application. Applications will close at midnight AEDT on 17 February 2015 (Hobart time). Please note some positions are not open for the current recruitment round.

Please visit Jobs in Antarctica for more information.

(The Bureau of Meteorology also has employment opportunities in Antarctica.)

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