Environmental Management System

To implement our Environmental Policy we have brought together and strengthened our environmental management processes through the Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is a systematic means of managing our interaction with the environment. Our EMS has operated since 2002, is certified to the Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and our current certification is valid until September 2014.

Southern Giant Petrel
Southern Giant Petrel
Photo: Warwick Barnes
Killer whales in Lusitania Bay
Killer whales in Lusitania Bay
Photo: Gordon Bain
Emperor penguin chicks
Emperor Chicks
Photo: Tony D'Amico

The EMS addresses all the environmentally significant issues we have control of and comprises the following areas of responsibility:

  • Antarctic and Southern Ocean
  • Australian Facilities
  • Science Laboratories and Facilities

Our EMS is based on a dynamic cyclical process of:


We identified the significant environmental aspects of our activities and any applicable environmental legal and other requirements during the planning stage. We then developed objectives, targets and implementation plans to address these issues and the AAD Environmental Policy.

Implement and operate

We have defined our environmental roles and responsibilities, we provide environmental training and maintain procedures to cover the environmental aspects of our everyday operations. This helps us to achieve our environmental objectives and targets and our commitments in the Environmental Policy.

Check and correct

We check our environmental initiatives and continued conformance with the Standard to ensure our environmental objectives and targets are met and our commitments in the Environmental Policy are achieved. Corrective and preventive actions are implemented when we deviate from the planned measures and requirements for environmental management.


Management review the elements of our EMS and their effectiveness in achieving the goal of continual improvement in environmental performance to ensure it remains applicable to our activities and environmental aspirations.


The Business Support Group oversees the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the EMS. Please contact the Division and ask to be directed to the Quality Management Systems (QMS) Manager if you have any questions.

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