Environmental Policy

We implement Australia's obligations to protect the Antarctic environment. This is incorporated in our vision of 'Antarctica valued, protected and understood'.

Wild scenery near Mawson
Photo: B. O'Neill
Giant Petrels
Giant Petrels scavenge at a seal carcass
Photo: Expeditioner Photo
Royal penguins
Royal penguins on Macquarie Island
Photo: Expeditioner Photo

As an agency of the Australian Government Department of the Environment, and as an environmentally responsible member of the Australian and Tasmanian community, we extend this environmental ethic to all our activities through our AAD Environmental Policy 2011 [PDF].

Our first policy was signed by the Director in December 2001 after a 12-month development and consultation process with staff in Australia and Antarctica. Since then our policy has been reviewed every two to three years.

The Policy states our environmental commitments and provides a foundation for the achievement of continual improvement in our environmental performance.

We display the policy in our Tasmanian offices, on the ships and at the Antarctic stations, and provide it to our suppliers and contractors to help ensure they understand and comply with our environmental protection and management commitments and requirements.

To implement our Environmental Policy, we have brought together and strengthened our environmental management processes by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS). Together, our Environmental Policy and the EMS establish environmental roles and responsibilities throughout our organisation.

Please contact the Division and ask to be directed to the Quality Management Systems (QMS) Manager if you have any questions.

This page was last modified on 4 August 2011.