Australia's Contribution to Antarctic Climate Science: April 2008

Australia's contribution to Antarctic climate science

Australia has a long and distinguished record of research into Antarctica’s natural phenomena, including early fundamental studies into the nature of the ice sheet, ice shelves and sea ice.

As the world’s attention focuses on changing climates in the 21st century that legacy of fundamental work, together with a large suite of interdisciplinary studies embracing the ocean around Antarctica, its biota, and the atmosphere above is of immense value in underpinning to a comprehensive understanding of contemporary change and its environmental consequences.

The 2008 report ‘Australia’s contribution to Antarctic climate science’, reviews Australia’s research and current understanding of Antarctic climate processes. The report was prepared by scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division, the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC), the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia.

Australia’s contribution to Antarctic climate science (2008) [PDF]