Purchasing and contracts

Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) procurement refers to the purchase of goods or services, including consultancies and professional services; construction; maintenance and material supply contracts; facilities contracts and capital equipment, undertaken by the AAD for its own consumption.

Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines are issued by the Minister for Finance and Administration under the Financial Management and Accountability Regulations. These Guidelines apply to the procurement of all property and services and outline the fundamental policies and principles that underpin AAD procurement. They articulate the expectations that exist on officials, or agents conducting procurement on behalf of the AAD, in the design, conduct and management of all aspects of AAD procurement.

Value for money is the core principle governing AAD procurement. This core principle is underpinned by four supporting principles:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness;
  • Accountability and Transparency;
  • Ethics; and
  • Industry Development.

The AAD purchases products and services through a variety of agreements, period and standard contracts. The 'Standard Terms & Conditions' that refer to the type of contract or arrangement will help suppliers to the AAD understand the processes involved with AAD procurement.

Commonwealth Purchase Order Terms [PDF] will determine the terms and conditions under which the AAD will be conducting the purchase of goods or services.


Standard Conditions apply to any contract entered into by the Commonwealth of Australia, through the AAD issuing a Purchase Order or Contract to a nominated supplier.

Standard Conditions will prevail in any conflict between the AAD and the Supplier in relation to the Purchase Order or Contract.

The Purchase Order or Contract conditions may include any written Special Conditions which will prevail in the event of any inconsistency.

If you require any additional information on AAD Purchasing or Contracting, please contact Tenders@aad.gov.au