Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan

A hagglund on the sea ice in the darkness of winter.
Hägglunds on the fast ice near Mawson station. (Photo: Justin Chambers)

Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan [PDF] ISBN: 978-1876934354

The Australian Antarctic Strategy sets out Australia’s national Antarctic interests and our vision for Australia’s future engagement in Antarctica. It recognises Australia’s strong strategic and scientific interests in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and sets out actions to support these over 20 years.

Under the 20 Year Action Plan the Government is committing to the most significant package of measures ever developed by an Australian Government to build Australia’s role as a leader in Antarctica.

With the scientific and operational capability delivered through the Australian Antarctic Strategy and the 20 Year Action Plan, Australia will be well placed to lead environmental stewardship in the region and address the major science challenges of the next few decades. The Antarctic Strategy will ensure Antarctica remains ‘valued, protected and understood’.

Read the background to the Antarctic Strategy and Action Plan – Dr Tony Press’ report providing a blueprint for Australia’s future engagement in Antarctica and options to expand Tasmania’s role as a leading Antarctic science and logistics hub.