Sounds of Antarctica


The Antarctic and subantarctic are home to an incredible array of wildlife.

Flying birds

Penguins aren't the only birds in Antarctica.


Among the wide variety of penguin species are some quite different calls.


Seals use a variety of calls underwater during the breeding season, and these are accompanied by the sound of sea ice breaking and cracking. They also make noises above ground, such as breathing and yawning.


  • Blue whale song

    The song of the pygmy blue whale (sped up 4× to raise the pitch to be audible to humans). You may need to use headphones to hear this.

  • Minke whale

    Audio believed to be from Antarctic minke whales. They were recorded in 2014 by the Antarctic Division’s moored acoustic recorder at a long-term recording site along the Mawson resupply route.


A variety of aircraft, vehicles and vessels are used for Antarctic operations.


Ground vehicles