Sea transport photo gallery

Australia's orange icebreaker ship Aurora Australis in a sea of icebergs.
Close-up of ship's name: Aurora Australis
Aurora Australis at Mawson station
Two red IRBs rafted together with 4 people
Photo taken from above of someone climbing down a rope ladder into a rubber boat.
A helicopter flies off cargo in a sling from the back deck of the Aurora Australis
A long line of people prepare to board the ship at night.
The red ship parked in the ice.
Aerial view of the ship Aurora Australis surrounded by icy and water.
Aurora Australis in the ice, with sunset in the background
Aurora Australis in the pack ice
The Aurora Australis in sea ice
The Aurora Australis unloads cargo on the fast ice at Davis station.
About six expeditioners in wet suits and gear wade in the water to push an inflatable boat over a wave to launch
Two people in an IRB floating on the water.
Two people in a red inflatable boat are dwarfed by a huge red iceberg.
A barge motoring away from the ship.
Barge suspended on a cable from a crane over the side of a ship
Dozer at the shore on the barge
The LARC is lifted in a sling from a crane off the ship onto land.
The LARC drives out of the water and onto land
The LARC shows its use as a boat as it speeds across the water with Macquarie Island in the background