Air transport photo gallery

A plane's cargo is unloaded on Antarctic ice runway
Rows of seats inside a small plane, three on each side with a row in the middle
Cargo hold of A319 taken from outside of plane
A319 on the ice at Wilkins runway near Casey
A sun dog, which is a meteorological phenomenon light formation at Wilkins runway.
Machinery out on the runway blowing snow off it.
A large proof roller flattens the icy runway
Orange building in the sun with flag flying alongside.
A landscape view of Wilkins Runway on an overcast day
Green and red sheds made out of shipping containers on the ice at Wilkins Runway.
Photo looking down the runway with the snow grooming machine driving away as it is working the ice surface on a blue sky sunny day.
The Basler, painted red and white, is stationary on the ice.
Two planes, the Basler just larger than the Twin Otter, parked next to each other.
Red and white plane on the ice.
Red helicopter on helipad on the ship deck, with the deck officer standing in front of two expeditioners waiting to board
Red helicopter on black sandy beach with snow-covered mountain in background
Helicopter flying above ship over ice
Helicopter landing
A new helicopter hovers low over rock and snow in Antarctica
AS350B3 helicopter hovers over the snow dusted ground
A flat expanse of Antarctic plateau with sea in background, featuring a spaceship like tracked vehicle attending the runway
A shot from way up high shows cleared area of snow with some vehicles looking tiny on the ground. This shot shows the curve of the earth at the horizon.