A husky silhouetted by a coloured sunset in Antarctica
A small husky puppy nurses on the mother, who looks tired
A husky completely covered by snow, appears to be sleeping
A male expeditioner bathes a husky at Davis station
Man in snow with husky, his beard icy, leans on the dog
Husky team on a snowy plateau, lead a sled and are surrounded by expeditioners
An expeditioner holds two large husky pups
An expeditioner in profile holds a husky pup
Huskies resting together in the snow while one hooded expeditioner attends to them
Black and white photo of expeditioner driving team of huskies towards camera.
Taken from the sled, the back of six huskies is visible
A large husky lays down in a crate on the deck of the Aurora Australis icebreaker
Spread out on the helicopter landing pad of a ship are crates with huskies in front