Early exploration

The men of the Main Base, looking weathered and cheerful
Frank Hurley wearing furry boots and warm hood smiles at the camera while he sits outside a hut in the sun sewing.
Two men wearing woollen beanies and hunching to keep warm stare at the camera with weathered faces.
Four expeditioners standing on the heavily-leaning deck of the Aurora
Officers and crew of the Aurora
Two men in a small light aircraft
Sir Douglas Mawson in the Commander's Cabin, Discovery
BANZARE voyage tracks 1929-31
Expeditioners standing on the rocks at the foot of the Union Jack
Mawsons BANZARE proclamation
Men peer into buckets and nets at tiny fish and animals hauled in from the sea
Black and white Australian government document bearing the coat of arms.
Expeditioner group photograph
Two expeditioners standing outside a snow-covered wooden hut
Mawson's sovereignty plaque, text reading 'The British flag was hoisted and British sovereignty asserted on the 5th day of Jan 1931'
Discovery heading up the Derwent. Signed by members of the British, Australia and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition.
Raising one of the foreyards on the foredeck. The shantyman is providing the working rhythm.
A vintage photo of two men preparing bird specimens and other scientific samples
Douglas Mawson, circa 1918
Douglas Mawson and Francesca (Paquita) Delprat on their wedding day, 31 March 1914.
Sir Douglas and Lady Mawson at Brighton home in South Australia
Sir Douglas Mawson, 1954
Sir Douglas Mawson in 1914 after receiving his knighthood
A black and white photo of Mawson being carried on a chair by a big crowd of his students.