Blue whale

Antarctic blue whale (Photo: Mike Johnson)
The blowhole of an Antarctic blue whale (Photo: Kylie Owen)
A blue whale off Rottnest Island, Western Australia.
The dorsal fin of an Antarctic blue whale  (Photo: Paula Olson)
The small boat team in the Remora approach an Antarctic blue whale (Photo: Carlos Olavarria)
The blue whale swims with its head to the left of the frame.

Humpback whale

Humpback whale
Humpback under water
Humpback whale fluke
Humpback whale breaching
A humpback whale points its upper body straight up out of the ocean in a behaviour known as spyhopping

Killer whale

An orca surfaces near the Aurora Australis
Killer whale or Orca
Coming up for air, an orca breaks the surface of crystal clear water and takes a breath as can be seen from the spray from its air hole
The one that got away. The image shows a weaner (on the left) escaping from a orca, whose head and upper body are above the waters surface
A killer whale (top left of image) captured by a digital still camera mounted under aircraft.

Minke whale

An Antarctic minke whale spy-hopping
Minke Whales off Davis station in Antarctica
Dwarf minke whale
Minke whale
A pod of minke whales in Antarctic waters
A pod of minke whales, with one sporting a suction-cup tag.