Sea ice algae
Green algae growing on soil
Recently tipped iceberg brown with algae.
Micrograph of phytoplankton
Microscopic image of coccolithophorid


Ship on horizon with kelp on beach
Washed up bull kelp
Rock stack with kelp
Bull kelp holdfast


Lichens on Heard Island
Flat black circular lichen on rock
Yellow lichen and black moss on rocks
Orange lichen on icy rocks
Lichen on the rocks near Casey station
Lichen covered ventifacts on Heard Island.
Yellow and black lichen on round rock

Mosses and liverworts

Moss on rocks at Robinson Ridge
Undulating mossy turf
Moss among rocks
A patchwork of moss and snow
A clump of moss

Snow algae

Red algae in the snow
Green algae (chlorophyta) on ice, Odbert Island
Red algae in melt stream
Algae on ice creating green and brown stripey bands with mountains in background
Electron microscope image of snow algae