Penguins photo gallery

Adelie penguins

Close up of Adélie penguin head with big round eye looking at camera
Adélie penguins diving
Expeditioner and Adélie penguins at Shirley Island
An Adélie penguin craning for a closer look at humans off camera
Adélie penguins tobogganing
The concave lens shows the curve of the earth with a bunch of penguins waddling close to the camera.
An Adélie penguin with its egg - the chick's beak is breaking through the shell at the front
Adélie penguin with chick
In just 14 days of constantly being feed krill and fish the chicks turn into rather demanding little blobs

Chinstrap penguins

Chinstrap penguin
Chinstrap penguin
Close up of chinstrap penguin at Sandy Bay, showing its top half

Emperor penguins

Close up of an emperor penguin with Davis station in the distant background
Profile of a magnificent emperor penguin with jet black feathers and eyes, and a blaze of yellow under the chin.
Emperor penguin tobogganing
The Auster emperor penguin colony with large icebergs in the background.
An emperor penguin huddle
A pair of penguins close together appear to be courting
Auster emperor penguins stand facing each other with a small, fluffy chick in between them looking up
Emperor penguin crèche
Emperor penguins in a huddle during a blizzard

Gentoo penguins

Gentoo penguin with chicks
Gentoo penguins in snow on Macquarie Island
Gentoo feeding time
Gentoo penguin and chick

King penguins

King penguins at Green Gorge
King penguin diving underwater, Macquarie Island
King penguin chicks in their crèches, with attendant adults
A couple of king penguin chicks that have nearly lost all their brown downy feathers. The adult coloured plumage shows through. In the background is several dozen king penguins in the sandy gully and on the beach
Clouds drift past a snowy mountain while penguins walk past the lake in the foreground.
King penguins on beach
King penguin chicks
Inquisitive king penguin chicks

Northern rockhopper penguins

Northern rockhopper penguin with flippers spread

Royal penguins

Royal penguin
Massed royal penguins
Several royal penguins at Sandy Bay
Royal penguins heading up Nuggets Creek
Two royal penguins stand rather close to each other and look to the left of the photo
Royal penguin with a rock in its beak
Moulting royal penguin chick. It has tufts of down feathers though the crown of yellow feathers is starting to show
A large elephant seal lies in the middle of a herd of royal penguins, one of which is standing on its back as it looks nonplussed
Royal penguin asleep on the ground

Southern rockhopper penguins

Two southern rockhopper penguins on a rock
Southern rockhopper penguin standing on the waters edge
Southern rockhopper with egg
Six southern rockhopper chicks (black and white) standing close together
Adult southern rockhopper penguins looking over five chicks
Southern rockhopper penguin
Southern rockhopper penguin