Flying birds

Black-browed albatross

Black-browed albatross flies over the water near New Zealand
Black-browed albatross bathing
Close up of an albatross in nest with it's chick
Black-browed albatross alighting from the water. It has it's wings outstretched
A black-browed Albatross in full flight
Black-browed albatross in flight (Photo: Tony Fleming)
Close up of an albatross chick - very fluffy and grey
Large fluffy grey chick with it's adult mother on a grassy slope

Blue-eyed cormorant or Macquarie Island shag

Blue-eyed cormorant in flight above the station gentoo rookery
Blue-eyed cormorant gathering nest material
Blue-eyed shag close up of head
Lonely looking chick grey in colour

Grey-headed albatross

Grey-headed albatross
Grey-headed albatross and chick at Petrel Peak
Grey-headed albatross on nest, Macquarie Island
Preening grey-headed albatross, Heard Island

Light-mantled sooty albatross

Light-mantled sooty albatross on nest, Macquarie Island
Light-mantled sooty albatross, soaring off Syowa station
Light-mantled sooty albatross soaring
Light-mantled sooty albatross landing at nest site
Pair of light-mantled sooty albatrosses
Sooty albatross calls out to its mate
Courtship behaviour by light-mantled sooty albatross
Light-mantled sooty albatross over Macquarie Island

Northern giant petrel

Northern giant petrel close-up
Giant petrel cleaning up the beach
This northern giant petrel has a dark grey face and shows a powerful beak.
Northern giant petrel in the snow
Northern giant petrel chick sitting on its nest
Recording the location of northern giant petrels

Snow petrel

Snow petrel off Mawson.
Koi-coloured snow petrel
Snow petrel
Snow petrel flying over a blue background

Wandering albatross

Wandering albatross in flight
Wandering albatross on Campbell Island
Wandering albatross on Iles Crozet
Nesting wandering albatross on Iles Crozet
A pair of wandering albatross