Antarctica - a place in the wilderness - 2007 Parliament House exhibition

Presenting some of the best Antarctic images of 2006/2007. These photographs have been taken by the scientists and support staff who live and work in this remote, beautiful part of the world as part of the Australia's Antarctic program. This rare access to the frozen continent enables them to capture moments that most of us would never experience.

Ship Searchlight in Pack Ice
Field Camp on the Plateau
Capsized Jade Berg
RSV Aurora Australis
Cathedral Iceberg
Southern Ocean Iceberg
Field Camp on the Plateau
Iceberg Texture
Close-up of ice bubbles
Moulting seal
Sooty Albatross
Fram Bank Moonrise
Fin Whale
Adelie penguin family
Minke Whales. Icebergs in the background.
Wilkes station
Aurora over Davis Station
Auster sunset
Auster rookery
Sunset over Icebergs
Swimming Royal Penguins
Jade Iceberg
Royal Penguins on the beach
Gentoo Penguins in the snow near the shore
Mawson Sunset
Moon over an iceberg
Pointy Berg
Nacreous Clouds
Nacreous Clouds
Sunset over Icefloes
Under the Ice
Under the Ice
Under the Ice
King Penguins swimming
Weddell Seal Pup
Snow petrel on ice floe
Sunset Over Shirley Island