7 August 2003

Recent thigh deep soft snow around station
Recent thigh deep soft snow around station. August 2003. Photo I. Harris

The last few weeks here have been memorable for heavy snowfalls and the continuing frequent blizzards. These conditions have of course generated huge blizztails around the station, and our diesos have put in a lot of time and effort in keeping these under control in order to maintain access to station buildings.

Doc up to his waist in snow
Stand up doc! Actually he is standing up after falling in fresh soft snow, even if he isn't all that tall. August 2003. Photo I. Harris

Chief met fairy Cliff tells us: July was colder than normal with the average daily maximum of -11°, 1° below average. The average minimum temperature was -20°, nearly 2° below average. July was also a windy month with nearly every second day recording gale force winds. 11 of these days deteriorated to blizzards conditions. Our maximum wind gust recorded was 91kts (169k/ph). Our number of snow days was 16, double the average for July, and our largest single dumping of snow over 24hrs was 19mm of snowmelt.

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