Antarctic diaries and stories

Explore the Antarctic through the eyes of those who travel there with the Australian Antarctic Division:

Antarctic Magazine editor Wendy Pyper’s blog from the 2010 marine science voyage.

Visit Casey and Davis stations in 07/08 through Vonna Keller’s diary, where she works as guide and Antarctic ground support officer.

Dr Steve Nicol, krill biologist and program leader, writes about the 05/06 marine science voyage, BROKE-West.

Webmaster and photographer Warwick Barnes visits Mawson, Casey and Macquarie Island in the 04/05 season.

Dr Andrew Constable, marine research scientist, writes about the 03/04 marine science voyage.

Experience life at Davis Station with Jeremy Smith, the 2003 Station Leader.

External links

Join Alison Lester, children's author, on her voyage onboard the Aurora Australis in 2005.

Read about David Ellyard’s journey, ANARE Club representative for season 03/04 also aboard the Aurora.