Departure for Mawsons Huts

Group photo of expeditioners on the dock in front of the ship L'Astrolabe
Expeditioners bound for Mawson's Huts. L-R: Adrian Welke (heritage architect), Diana Patterson (field leader), Estelle Lazer (archaeologist), Linda Clark (materials conservator), Dave Killick (cook, photographer, communications, journalist), Geoffrey Couser (medical officer), Martin Passingham and Mike Staples (heritage carpenters). (Photo: R. Easther)
Expeditioner quads in store area

28 October 2002

Last Wednesday evening, 16 October, the French re-supply vessel, L’Astrolabe slipped the mooring lines at Self’s Point and headed south out of the Derwent in the direction of Dumont D’Urville and Commonwealth Bay carrying the eight-person Mawson’s Huts conservation work team.

Led by experienced station leader, Diana Patterson, the group will be delivered by helicopter from the ice-edge to spend about eight weeks at the historic site to carry out a works plan prepared for the AAD by Sydney heritage firm Godden Mackay Logan in consultation with the Australian Heritage Commission.

They will be joined by a ninth member, an AAD Environment Officer, for the last two weeks of the expedition and return to Hobart just after Xmas on L’Astrolabe.

Many months of expedition preparation at the AAD have led up to the departure. Detailed planning underpinned the successful resolution of the shipping and air operation requirements, the acquisition and packing of equipment, preparation of relevant environmental information, and the training and kitting out of the expedition members.

We look forward to regular reports on the progress of the expedition. Chef and general hand on the expedition, Dave Killick, is writing a weekly diary account of his personal experiences. Regular situation reports (sitreps) by the Field Leader will also be posted to the website.

Written by Rob Easther, Project Manager