Stories from the archives

Expeditioner working on Mawson Station Melt Bell
Expeditioners working on Mawson Station Melt Bell (Photo: Tony D'Amico)

Expeditioners have been sailing south with the Australian Antarctic program for over fifty years. Although some remain for only a few weeks, others contribute to Australia's Antarctic program for up to a year and a half.

No matter how long their stay, all who are privileged to visit our subantarctic islands or the Antarctic continent must learn to live in an isolated, hostile environment, with all its attendant problems, challenges and breathtakingly wonderful experiences.

How people live, work and play is as much part of our history as a series of dates and events. We have included here a number of personal stories that add colour and substance to Australia’s Antarctic history, and give you an insight into what the experience has meant to the individuals involved.

Elsewhere on our website we have regular accounts of current daily life from the Antarctic and subantarctic stations, including weekly updates from the stations.

Vintage personal stories