Staff and crew of BANZARE

Expeditioner group photograph
Return of the Discovery in 1931 [Mawson in balaclava in middle row] (Photo: unknown)
Two expeditioners standing outside a snow-covered wooden hutMawson's sovereignty plaque, text reading 'The British flag was hoisted and British sovereignty asserted on the 5th day of Jan 1931'Discovery heading up the Derwent. Signed by members of the British, Australia and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition.Raising one of the foreyards on the foredeck. The shantyman is providing the working rhythm.A vintage photo of two men preparing bird specimens and other scientific samples

BANZARE 1929–30

  • Douglas Mawson (Australia) – Expedition leader
  • T Harvey Johnston – Senior biologist
  • WW Ingram – Medical officer
  • Harold Fletcher – Assistant zoologist
  • Robert A Falla – Ornithologist
  • A Howard (Australia) – Hydrologist
  • Stuart Campbell (Australia) – Aviator
  • Eric Douglas (Australia) – Aviator
  • Ritchie Gibson Simmers – Meteorologist
  • JWS Marr – Hydrological and plankton specialist
  • Frank Hurley (Australia) – Photographer and cinematographer
  • Morton Moyes (Australia) – Cartographer

Ship’s party SY Discovery 1929–30

  • Captain John King Davis – Captain and Second in charge of expedition
  • KN Mackenzie – First officer
  • WR Colbeck – Second officer
  • JB Child – Third officer
  • WJ Griggs – Chief engineer
  • BF Welch – Second engineer
  • AJ Williams – Wireless officer

BANZARE 1930–31

Changes to the 1930–31 party included:

  • AL Kennedy – Magnetician
  • Lieutenant C Oom, RAN – Cartographer (replacing Morton Moyes)

Ship’s party SY Discovery 1930–31

  • Captain Mackenzie – Captain and Second in charge of expedition
  • Max Stanton – First officer