Staff and crew of the AAE

The men of the Main Base, looking weathered and cheerful
'In no department can a leader spend time more profitably than in the selection of the men who are to accomplish the work.' Douglas Mawson
Frank Hurley wearing furry boots and warm hood smiles at the camera while he sits outside a hut in the sun sewing.Two men wearing woollen beanies and hunching to keep warm stare at the camera with weathered faces.Four expeditioners standing on the heavily-leaning deck of the AuroraOfficers and crew of the Aurora

Douglas Mawson (Australia) – Expedition leader

Main Antarctic base

  • Edward FR Bage (Australia) – Astronomer, Assistant magnetician and recorder of tides
  • Francis H Bickerton (England) – In charge of air-tractor sledge
  • John HC Close (Australia) – Assistant collector
  • Percy E Correll (Australia) – Mechanic and assistant physicist
  • Walter H Hannam (Australia) – Wireless operator and mechanic
  • Alfred J Hodgeman (Australia) – Cartographer, sketch artist and assistant in meteorology
  • John G Hunter (Australia) – Biologist
  • Frank (FJ) Hurley (Australia) – Photographer
  • Charles F Laseron (Australia) – Taxidermist and biological collector
  • Dr Archibald L McLean (Australia) – Chief medical officer and bacteriologist
  • Cecil Madigan (Australia) – Meteorologist
  • Dr Xavier Mertz (Switzerland) – In charge of sledge dogs
  • Herbert D Murphy (Australia) – In charge of stores
  • Belgrave ES Ninnis (England) – In charge of sledge dogs
  • Frank L Stillwell (Australia) – Geologist
  • Eric N Webb (New Zealand) – Chief magnetician
  • Dr Leslie Whetter (New Zealand) – Surgeon

Western Antarctic base

  • Frank Wild (England) – Leader
  • George HS Dovers (Australia) – Cartographer
  • Charles T Harrisson (Australia) – Biologist
  • Charles Hoadley (Australia) – Geologist
  • Dr Sydney E Jones (Australia) – Medical officer
  • Alexander L Kennedy (Australia) – Magnetician
  • Morton H Moyes (Australia) – Meteorologist
  • Andrew D Watson (Australia)

Macquarie Island base

  • George F Ainsworth (Australia) – Astronomer, Assistant magnetician and recorder of tides
  • Leslie Russel Blake (England) – Geologist and cartographer
  • Harold Hamilton (New Zealand) – Biologist
  • Charles Albert Sandell (England) – Wireless operator and mechanic
  • Arthur John Sawyer (New Zealand) – Wireless operator and mechanic

Ship’s party SY Aurora

  • Captain John King Davis (Ireland) – Captain and Second in charge of expedition
  • Frederick Gillies (Wales) – Chief engineer
  • H Corner – Second engineer
  • John H Blair (Scotland) – First officer
  • Percival Gray (England) – Second officer
  • Clarence P de la Motte (Australia) – Third officer
  • Crew of the SY Aurora

Other members who participated for some of the expedition include:

  • Captain James David
  • Sydney N Jeffreys (Australia) – Wireless operator
  • Conrad Eitel
  • Professor TT Flynn
  • JJ van Waterwchoot van der Gracht
  • Alfred Reid
  • Edgar R Waite