Station movie night

Men clustered around a projector with screwdrivers.
Jack Hughes fixing movie projector, Heard Island, 1953 (Photo: Fred Elliott)
A full room with the movie projector.

From the Image Antarctica database we bring the Antarctica institution of "film night". The faithful old 16mm film projector with its cogs, spools whirring sounds and so on is a thing of the past, displaced by the video and now the DVD. Gone are the nights of film jumping off cogs, film breaks, spools falling off and time spent carefully rewinding piles of film off the floor by hand, or sometimes finding the film being projected back to front. Even pulling the entire projector apart was not beyond the duties of film night, as can be seen for our from Heard Island image of 1953.

The 16mm film size was introduced by Kodak in 1923, and along with 35mm is familiar to most, however over the years there have been numerous film sizes.

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