Images of the VHF radar installation

The VHF Radar from the air during construction shows an area of poles and wires
The VHF Radar from the air during construction in January 2003. (Photo by R. Harman)
Computers and cables inside a tiny room.View from above of the arrays.

This photo gallery shows the progressive installations of the VHF radar. The VHF radar array is comprised of a series of Yagi antennas . In the aerial view during array construction, some of the 144 Yagi antennas were still being assembled. Note the cable tray that runs from two corners of the array to the radar module that houses the computers and the electronic equipment.

The Yagi antennas consist of three elements with the centre (driven) element being a folded dipole. Signals from groups of four antennas are combined using splitter-combiner units (shown mounted to short posts). Cables are protected inside polythene pipe before reaching the cable tray.

Inside the VHF radar equipment building two computers are used to control the experiment and to analyse the data while a cabinet houses the radar transmitter, and cables from the antennas enter an adjacent building.

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