Who's Eating Who?

'Who's eating who?' education booklet cover
'Who's eating who?' education booklet

Solve an Antarctic and Southern Ocean mystery about the sudden disappearance of huge numbers of tiny krill and learn about the food web and environmental sustainability.

Cover pages [PDF]
A beautifully designed cover picturing the animals of Antarctica.

Introduction [PDF]
This is not a simple case. Setting the scene of the crime and introducing the main suspects.

Lowlife [PDF]
Something's fishy. In the icy waters around Antarctica, phytoplankton are the first vital link in the food chain. Many Antarctic animals depend on this rich food source to survive.

Flying squad [PDF]
Members of the flying squad vary in size from the tiny storm petrels to the giant wandering albatross.

Feathered friends [PDF]
Penguins. Early explorers thought that penguins were fish, but we now know they are birds.

More feathered friends [PDF]
Emperor penguins. Around 195 000 pairs of Emperor penguins live in colonies on the Antarctic coast.

Slippery characters [PDF]
Seals. All seals are sleek and supple, designed for efficient underwater travel.

Mister Bigs [PDF]
Whales. Whales are the Mister Bigs of the animal kingdom – the blue whale is the largest animal ever to live on earth.