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Classroom Antarctica is a comprehensive online teaching resource particularly aimed at grades three to eight. It contains information, activities and links to hundreds of other Antarctic resources.

About Antarctica has information about everything from animals to weather, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The Ice sheets and sea ice web pages have a great overview of ice related issues.

Take a guided video tour of Davis station and have a peek at life as an expeditioner over winter.

Antarctic Summer is the ABC’s page dedicated entirely to Antarctica with information and footage gathered during the 2011 marine science voyage. It features information on a range of Antarctic conditions and animals, a comprehensive interactive on the Aurora Australis, a history timeline of Australia’s engagement with Antarctica and breathtaking images.

The Antarctic Division site, Home of the Blizzard, has information about Douglas Mawson and Mawson’s Huts, and another has information about Heard Island and the McDonald Islands.

Living and working in Antarctica contains all the general information an expeditioner needs to know before they travel South, about life on station, buildings, food, clothing and communications.

Antarctic webcams show up-to-date images from Australia’s four stations, from the Aurora Australis, and there is also a krill cam.

Environmental management explains the pressures on Antarctic environment and how Australia is committed to its protection.

What is the Antarctic Treaty and Treaty history explain this remarkable agreement, and how it came about.

Science projects describes where and how Australia coordinates Antarctic research.

Our Australian Antarctic Science strategic plan gives details of the current and past work being undertaken. Navigate to a particular project and scroll to find the public summary (question 3) for an easily-understood description.

Find basic maps, detailed maps and pictures for your school assignments.

Who’s Eating Who? Solve the mystery of disappearing krill and learn about the food web and environmental sustainability.

Puzzle and games contains activities for students from preschool to grade six.

Scientriffic – Brr! The Antarctica Issue a special issue of CSIRO’s Double Helix Science Club's magazine can be downloaded here.

Senior School Physical Science exercises Experiments for senior high school students and their teachers.

Still can’t find what you want? Here’s a list of online resources that will probably help. If you still can’t find the information you need, contact us.