Nomination of new Antarctic place name

Basic information

Position and height

If latitude and longitude is unknown, please enter the distance in kilometres from a known place name, and at what bearing.

Please describe the methods used to fix position and height such as GPS, maps, etc.

Description and data

Please include size, shape and colour of feature as appropriate. For example: Painted Peak, a peak with very defined striping due to its geological structure and appears to have been painted. (500 characters - approx. 70 words)

Please give the name of the map, publication date, publisher, and map catalogue number (if available).

Please describe from where the photo was taken (latitude, longitude, direction the camera was facing, etc.)

This includes surveys, maps, charts, photos, etc.

Please describe why the feature should be given the proposed name. (4000 characters - approx. 570 words)

Please enter the date the proposed place was discovered, seen, mapped or recorded in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

Please enter the name of the person or persons who discovered, saw or mapped the feature (state name of expedition, year of expedition, name of person and position of person in the expedition).

Please provide some information concerning the person after whom the feature is named (if name is a personal one).

Contact details

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).