Antarctica – a place in the wilderness – Parliament House 2007 exhibition

Presenting some of the best Antarctic images of 2006/2007. These photographs have been taken by the scientists and support staff who live and work in this remote, beautiful part of the world as part of the Australia's Antarctic program. This rare access to the frozen continent enables them to capture moments that most of us would never experience.

Sooty Albatross

Sooty Albatross (Photo: by Brett Free)

Fram Bank Moonrise

Fram Bank Moonrise (Photo: Steve Nicol)

Fin Whale

Fin Whale (Photo: Kevin Neff)

Adelie penguin family

Adelie Family (Photo: Matt Low)

Minke Whales. Icebergs in the background.

Minke Whales (Photo: Frederique Olivier)


Sunset (Photo: Frederique Olivier)


Casey-Red-Shed (Photo: Chris Wilson)

Wilkes station

Wilkes station (Photo: Chris Wilson)

Aurora over Davis Station

Aurora over Davis Station (Photo: Hosung Chung)

Auster sunset

Auster Sunset (Photo: Tania King)

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