Conditions apply

A person hunches on the ground painting with the canvas resting against a rock.
Artist at work near Davis station (Photo: Vonna Keller)

All people travelling with the Australian Antarctic Program, including those awarded an Arts Fellowship, are subject to a stringent medical examination before a berth can be approved. Some medical conditions may preclude travel to Antarctica. Please refer to the medical checklist.

Successful applicants will be required to undergo a National Police History Check and complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

A voyage as part of the Australian Antarctic Program is undertaken on the basis that the candidate:

  1. meets all travel and other costs involved in getting to and from the port of departure
  2. has passed the medical examination at the candidate's own cost
  3. has addressed any environmental impact assessment and permit requirements
  4. has attended all specified pre-departure briefings and training sessions

Successful applicants will be required to provide their own equipment and personal clothing, although specialised outer garments will be provided by the Australian Antarctic Division.

Every effort will be made to provide all necessary support to Arts Fellowship participants, such as opportunities to spend time at a station and use helicopter and other support facilities. However, each voyage and flight is undertaken on the basis that its primary purpose is to undertake or support specified Antarctic research programs, and that support for Arts Fellowship participants may be limited by the operational requirements of these programs or the supply of station and field parties.

In general the Australian Antarctic Division seeks to provide Arts Fellowship participants complete freedom in their work, however, successful applicants must agree in writing to contractual obligations before embarking for Antarctica.

This page was last modified on 9 October 2014.