Assessment procedure

Work os art showing an iceberg floating in dark water.
Iceberg in aquarium - photograph (Photo: Maria Buchner)

Applications are assessed by an advisory committee containing independent experts in the relevant fields. Recommendations are then made to the Minister for the Department.

Support for applications is subject to availability of operational support including beds on voyages, seats on flights and space and logistical support available on stations. This process may take a considerable time because of the multiplicity of demands placed on operational support.

Applicants can expect to hear in August whether or not they have been successful for the following summer season.

Note the conditions under voyaging as part of the Australian Antarctic Program. In particular you should be aware that all people travelling with the Australian Antarctic Program, including those awarded an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, are subject to a stringent medical examination before a berth can be approved. Please ensure you have read and understood the medical checklist you will be required to complete should you be offerred a Fellowship, and contact the Polar Medicine Unit if you have any questions.

This page was last modified on 21 December 2012.