Arts fellowship application form

Basic details

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Australian citizen
Are you an Australian citizen? (Citizens of other Antarctic Treaty nations may apply, but must provide a letter of support from their nationís Antarctic program.)

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Joint application

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Please sum up your proposal in 50 words or less.
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Supporting documents

Please upload a copy of your CV (maximum 5 MB)
Letter from a supporting organisation (required; maximum 1 MB)
Letter from an additional supporting organisation (optional; maximum 1 MB)
Letter from an additional supporting organisation (optional; maximum 1 MB)
Letter from an additional supporting organisation (optional; maximum 1 MB)
Letter from an additional supporting organisation (optional; maximum 1 MB)
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Please provide a link to a site with examples of your work (optional)

Selection criteria

Your proposal must be supported by written commitments from collaborating organisations (such as publishers, galleries, exhibitors, employers, broadcasters etc.) capable of ensuring an acceptable level of exposure for the resulting work. (mandatory; limit 200 words)
The outcome of your Fellowship must be easily identifiable with Antarctica or Antarctic activities. You must show an engagement with place. (mandatory; limit 200 words)
A visit to Antarctica (or the sub-Antarctic) must be essential to achieving the outcome of your project. (mandatory; limit 200 words)
Proposals must show how they fit the objectives of the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship; how they support the vision of Antarctica being valued, protected, and understood; and how they will benefit the Australian Antarctic program. (40% weighting; limit 200 words)
How is your project different, and why is it important? How does your proposal advance knowledge and understanding? Does it explore creative and original concepts? (20% weighting; limit 200 words)
Your proposal must show it will have an impact, and show a capacity to reach a significant audience which is preferably, though not necessarily, Australian. (20% weighting; limit 200 words)
The organisation, clarity, attention to detail and depth of research shown in your proposal will reveal much about your abilities and the likelihood that your project is feasible and will be completed. How appropriate, developed and sound is your approach? (20% weighting; limit 200 words)


I certify that I have read and understood the medical checklist that I will be required to complete should I be offered a Fellowship, and I have contacted the Australian Antarctic Divisionís Polar Medicine Unit with any queries about my medical eligibility. I am aware that I will be required to pay for my medical screening should I be offered a Fellowship, and all costs involved in getting to and from the port of departure. Should I be offered a Fellowship, I agree to complete a National Police History Check and complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

All application documents become the property of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) on submission.

Unsuccessful applications will be kept for a period of two (2) years, after which they will be destroyed.

Without prejudice to any other law, the AAD may disclose or allow the disclosure of any information contained in or relating to this application (at any time) for the purposes of evaluating or clarifying the application.

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