Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

John Kelly in Antarctica
John Kelly in Antarctica (Photo: Justin Chambers)

As a way of informing and educating Australians about Antarctica and Australia’s activities there, the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) administers the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship enabling those with a non-science focus to experience Antarctica first-hand so that they may communicate this unique experience and understanding to other Australians.

Who can apply?

Applicants from all areas of the creative arts, humanities and social sciences are invited to apply.

The program aims to nurture the production of excellent and significant works of art and interpretation by leading professionals and talented emerging artists and writers.

Please note: The AAD runs a separate Media Program. All media should apply through this program, rather than the arts fellowship.

Some applications under the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship may be accepted from citizens of other Antarctic Treaty nations. These applicants must have the support of their own nation’s Antarctic program, and must be able to demonstrate a capacity to reach a significant audience, preferably including a significant Australian audience.

What the Fellowship provides

The Fellowship takes the form of either a ship voyage or flight to Antarctica and associated logistical support ie, food, accommodation and transport. The AAD also provides cold-weather clothing on loan.

The Fellowship does not include travel to and from and accommodation in the port of departure (usually Hobart) or the cost of the required pre-travel medical examination. There is no financial component to the Fellowship. The Fellowship does not cover any costs of completing and distributing the proposed work.

Objectives of the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship supports the broader Australian Antarctic Division vision of ‘Antarctica: valued, protected and understood’. The Arts Fellowship aims to increase Australian and international awareness and appreciation of Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic, and the Australian Antarctic program, with a focus on communicating:

  • Australia’s Antarctic program
  • Antarctica’s unique natural environment
  • human stories and endeavours
  • Australia’s Antarctic legacy
  • the international Treaty history, values and cooperation that shape Antarctica’s geopolitical significance

The Fellowship aims to foster understanding of the Antarctic environment and communicate the significance of Australia’s activities there through the work of people gifted in communicating through various media including (but not limited to) the visual arts, film-making, performance, writing, education, and music.

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